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October 2014

Sanctuary at varsity woos birders - The Hindu - October 27, 2014

New lease of life for old tanks - The Hindu - October 28, 2014

After nearly a decade, waterbodies in the fringes of the city that are over a century old, will soon be rejuvenated.

Fifteen traditional waterbodies, which are important sources of drinking water and irrigation in Tiruvallur and Kancheepuram districts, will undergo major improvement works such as arresting of seepage, demarcation of boundaries, and strengthening of bunds.




Lake getting choked by drain water - Deccan Chronicle - October 27, 2014

Bengaluru: The lake in Maistripalya has become a drainage pit for the slum in the vicinity and the surrounding areas.

The authorities have placed a  drainage pipe right in the lake on one side and on the other side there is a small channel through which sewage water has been constantly flowing into the lake. Interestingly, the lake does not even have a name yet; but the slum dwellers call it Maistripalya Lake.


Forest dept raids poacher’s safe house, recovers rare birds - Times of India - October 27, 2014

HALDWANI: The forest department raided a safe house of poachers in Udham Singh Nagar district on Sunday evening and recovered three dead Eurasian coots and a Northern pintail from there from there. "The accused have been sent to jail. It is the beginning of migratory season and we are keeping a check on poaching of these endangered species," said Parag Madghukar Dhakate, divisional forest officer, Tarai east forest division.


Survey to be undertaken to study migrating birds - Times of India - October 26, 2014

MADURAI: Environmental activists in the city have initiated a study on the various types of birds in the city that will involve a six-month long survey during the migrating season of the birds from November to March.


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Rivers bear brunt of idol immersion - Times of India - October 02, 2014

BHUBANESWAR: Water pollution norms go for a toss when hundreds of idols are immersed in different water bodies during the festive season every year. In Cuttack and Bhubaneswar, where Durga Puja is celebrated in a big way, idols make their way to Mahanadi, Kathajodi, Daya and Kuakhai, on the outskirts of the cities.


Keoladeo National Park faces survival threat - Times of India - October 06, 2014

JAIPUR: After spending crores in the name of reviving Keoladeo National Park Bharatpur (KNP), the situation is still as dismal as it was when it began. Recently, the Open Billed Storks that came to Keoladeo National Park, commenced breeding and since they were unable to find any food, they abandoned nest and flew back.


NEW DELHI: All polluting industries along the river Ganga will have to set up sensor-based real-time online effluent monitoring system by March 31 next year. The government on Wednesday said it was serious about the deadline with water resources minister Uma Bharti issuing a veiled threat to industries - mend your ways or face the consequences.


Students asked to preserve biodiversity - The Hindu - October 09, 2014

Deepak S. Bilgi, Wildlife Warden of the Gulf of Mannar National Marine National Park has exhorted students to make a small beginning in wildlife conservation for protecting the forests and preserving biodiversity.

Addressing the Wildlife Week celebration, organised by the Tamil Nadu Forest Department here on Wednesday, he said the students should spread the message and spread awareness that biodiversity was linked to the livelihood and people should contribute for the protection.


The purple moorhens of Pallikaranai marshland - The Hindu - October 13, 2014

Britain's rarest freshwater fish could be making a comeback - Times of India - October 09, 2014

LONDON: Britain's rarest freshwater fish and a relic of the last ice age, long thought to have been extinct has emerged in Britain's Lake District.


Mapping of sea turtle nesting sites - The Hindu - October 09, 2014

The Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park has launched an ambitious project of habitat mapping of existing and potential sea turtle nesting sites in the 271-kilometre-long coastline in the district to focus on biodiversity and draw a conservation action plan to protect the species.


Stop polluting Ganga or shut shop - Times of India - October 09, 2014

According to V. Shantaram, director, Institute of Bird Studies, Rishi Valley, in the morning and evening hours, moorhens come out of their habitat and feed in the muddy portions of the swamp in flocks. A flock sometimes has up to 20 birds.


Students take first step to save Hooghly river - Times of India - October 13, 2014

As part of the campaign, students of the junior section walked along the Foreshore ghat's pavement to sensitize the people around the area. They carried placards and banners that read appeals like 'Ganga purity is our responsibility' and 'Save Ganga before its too late'. They even cleaned and removed the garbage of the ghats and disposed them of in the bins installed by their school. The socially dedicated Dipsites also installed banners on the ghats to spread their message.


Early winter surprise at Okhla Bird Sanctuary - The Hindu - October 20, 2014

The Okhla Bird Sanctuary, which has been in the news since the beginning of the year due to a plea for restricting construction activity in the surrounding areas, has started receiving winter migratory ducks much earlier than anticipated.


Over one-fifth of frogs under threat - The Hindu - October 19, 2014

More than 20 per cent of frogs and toads — 78 of the 340 species — found in India are under threat, according recent findings of the Zoological Survey of India.


COIMBATORE: The Singanallur Lake that was once a hub for various migratory birds and accommodated a boat house will be restored to its previous grandeur within 15 days. The lake was closed for public usage 5 years back and the boat house was also closed down. The Mayor, Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Executive Engineers and other higher officials at the corporation inspected the lake. Several labourers were employed to remove water hyacinth from the lake.


Singanallur Boat House to be renovated in 15 days - Times of India - October 17, 2014

Birds of different feathers flock to boathouses - Deccan Chronicle - October 24, 2014

Chennai: With the onset of migratory season for birds, one cannot miss the pelican characterised by its long beak and large throat pouch or the tall, pink wading birds with thick downturned bills, the flamingos, when one is on a boating trip in the backwaters of Muttukadu near here. The brackish water lagoon - the Mudaliarkuppam, about 92 km from here has also thousands of migratory birds flocking regularly. The pied wagtail, pied kingfisher, egrets, cormorants and sandpipers are among the various species that can be spotted here. Birds are prominent visitors from November to February.


River Vasistha being choked to death - The Hindu - October 24, 2014

The issue of serious pollution caused to the water of River Vasistha in Attur due to indiscriminate dumping of garbage and release of industrial wastes dominated the proceedings at the monthly farmers’ grievances day meeting held here on Friday.


Migratory birds arrive in Chilika lake - Times of India - October 23, 2014

BERHAMPUR: Migratory birds have started arriving at the Chilika. They were spotted at Mangalajodi and Nalabana Island, the designated bird sanctuary inside the 1,100 sq km lake. "They were also seen in other parts of the lake," said divisional forest officer (Chilika wildlife division) Bikash Ranjan Das.


Fewer bird species back in Okhla - Times of India - October 23, 2014

NEW DELHI: Only seven species of migratory birds have arrived in Okhla Bird Sanctuary. Last year, 15 species were spotted at this time. However, this has been a general trend for most bird areas in north India, claim some birders. But Okhla, in particular, may be affected by disturbance around the park and noise from vehicles that use the road inside the park.


Birdwatchers flock Point Calimere - The Hindu- October 22, 2014

The diverse habitats of Point Calimere near Vedarnayam, which includes tropical dry evergreen forest, scrub jungle, mud flats, salt pans, and beaches, has made the area an ideal place for the students of ornithology to study a wide range of birds.


Where Diwali means caring for winged visitors - Times of India - October 21, 2014

SALEM/ERODE: Some villages in Salem and Erode districts of Tamil Nadu have given a winged reason to the Indian tradition of treating a guest as a god. As many as 10 villages in these districts have been celebrating Diwali without crackers for several years to keep their avian guests peaceful.


Death of fish: Greens demand action against 'polluting' factory - Times of India - October 20, 2014

HUBLI :Environmental organizations have urged the state government take to task Harihar Polyfibers and Grasilene Industries for causing the alleged death of fish in the Tungabhadra river near Harihar.


Pollution in Ganga touches alarming level - Times of India - October 26, 2014

KANPUR: The level of pollution in Ganga has reached an alarming level. The latest data of UP Pollution Control Board indicate that the water is not even safe for 'aachman'.


Singanallur Tank being spruced up for boating - The Hindu - October 26, 2014

Earth movers have started moving at the Singanallur Tank for the last few days to remove water hyacinth to ready the water body for boating. Soon, the Coimbatore Corporation will send workers to clean and refurbish the boat house.


Officials gear up to save Vembanad Lake - The Hindu - October 27, 2014

The District Development Committee (DDC) has resolved to initiate measures that are intended to protect the Vembanad Lake from various forms of exploitation.


Leaving the traditional birding sites, birders are now flocking the Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit in Kalady, thanks to its rich avian wealth.


Over 10,000 migratory birds arrive in Odisha - The Hindu - October 27, 2014

Over 10,000 migratory birds from Siberia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and across the Himalayas have arrived at Odisha’s Chilika Lake for their winter sojourn, an official said Friday.


Public efforts to desilt tanks pay rich dividends - Deccan Chronicle- October 29, 2014

Coimbatore: Tanks in Coimbatore are brimming with water, like never before, following torrential rains. Most tanks within the corporation limits, except Singanallur, Vellalore and Valankulam, have reached their full capacity."For the first time ever, the Kurichi tank has reached up to 80 per cent of its capacity and continues to receive copious inflow. A 3.5 km stretch canal that brings water to Kurichi tank was desilted jointly by the people and government departments," said Mr Umesh Marudachalam, an environmental activist.


Bad weather delays nesting of migratory birds at Kolleru - The Hindu  - October 28, 2014

The delay in arranging nests at Kolleru Birds Sanctuary at Atapaka is not letting the migratory birds such as Painted Storks and Pelicans to settle down. The bird watchers blame the recent Hudhud cyclonic conditions and the northeast monsoon rains.


Rare, endangered turtle found living in partially dry water body in Patiala - Times of India  - October 28, 2014

PATIALA: A 70 kg turtle, rescued recently, was living unobtrusively in an isolated water body in the heart of Patiala city since years, which has taken wildlife experts by surprise, who revealed that it could be of one of the "vulnerable species," rarely found in Indus-Gangetic plains these days.